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My Definite Major Purpose is to Inspire Humanity to Create a 3PEarth – a Peaceful, Purposeful and Prosperous World for All. (www.3PEarth.com)

I Am Helping People Align With Their Soul Purpose and Express it in Their Business. (www.PositionOnPurpose.com)

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Podcast: Understand Your Power of Perception with Kirsten Liegmann



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Transformational Authors with Christine Kloser

23 May at 13:32

Hi, I’m Christine Kloser and I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and leaders liberate their true voice, share their message, and write their transformational book. However, this wasn’t always my passion.

For decades, I felt invisible, like my true self was always in hiding. I grew up knowing it was best to keep my mouth shut, and be seen but not heard…



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About Bevan Bird

He is your Soul Purpose Business Mentor.

He helps people align their business to their soul’s purpose so they can feel amazing about what they do for money!

Entrepreneur. Visionary. Leader. Teacher. Yogi. Conscious Thinker.

He created PositionOnPurpose.com



Discover the Secrets to Building Your Soul-Purpose-Aligned Online Teaching Business

Here are 8 powerful gifts to help you along your purpose-driven entrepreneurial path...



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